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Terms placing of advertising

To be placed on network resources MediaTravel not accepted advertising that:

    * Declares inequality of people by sex, race, nationality, religion, social status and level of property;
* Is abusive and / or pornographic content, stimulates or induces panic to violence;
* Confusing for users, including: includes false information about a product / service, contains the standard elements of the graphical user interface and / or page design web site, where the advertising campaign, etc.;
* Does not comply with current legislation, including "Law on Advertising."
* Advertising news resources, which refers to any news media published on the site, be sure to refer to the article itself, placed on permanent address, but not to the home page of the media.
* Advertising on websites are subject to 100% payment in accordance with the approved media plan.
* All products must be sent to Banner no later than three working days prior to placement.

Advertising Agency MediaTravel not recommend:

* Use in the ad superlatives of adjectives and compare themselves with competitors. If the comparison is used, a reference to the promotional material should lead to the page the advertiser's site where this information is confirmed by investigations of third parties in accordance with the "Law on Advertising."
* Included in the advertising message is provocative, controversial, ambiguous, threatening, harsh statements.
* Use of online advertisers additional windows (PopUp or PopUnder). If a window opens when you click on the link provided in the promotional material is required to contain an additional window on a clear indication that it was open advertiser's site.

Note: if during placement or during the campaign page, which has sponsored links, does not respond or open properly, will be suspended to correct the error.
Page on a server maintained by an advertising link should open up correctly in the browser and not error-free scripts and programs (provided at the browser error message).
In the case where the company believes MediaTravel, promotional material organized in such a way that its source is not clear and may be interpreted as information coming from the company MediaTravel, MediaTravel company may request that the advertiser was specified directly on the promotional material.
If the advertiser knows that the advertising of its goods / services, there are rules and restrictions, he is obliged to share them with the company MediaTravel and provide all necessary information on licensing, certification, etc.
MediaTravel company reserves the right to reject any advertising material without explanation.
An integral part of the requirements by MediaTravel to promotional materials, is the observance of technical limitations, for promotional materials, banner and text ads, flash-banners and the use of rich-media.
These rates are subject to change. Before making a final decision on the placement of advertising, check prices.