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Make banners

Banner is the one of the main and most common internet advertizing methods. It creates the first impression of your company before the user gets on your web page. The main objective of the banner lies in attracting the customers - not only directly, but by each showing.
Therefore, it is important to entrust the production of a banner in the hands of professionals who know their job and can make your advertising more effective.

MediaTravel advertising agency has the extensive experience in the manufacturing of banners for tourism companies and hotels, and their placement on the popular tourist resources. We can help you to find the optimal size and format of the banner, reaching the maximum effect.
When you create a banner, our designers do their best to fulfill all the customer requirements and meet the deadline to get the best output quality and make an effective product.
Since we have successfully cooperated largest tour operators, agencies and hotels.
Below you can find prices and download a brief order. Also on the site you can fill out and submit a request for the banner creation.
For the manufacturing of the banner some conditions must be met - of reference and a 100% payment for the production of banners.

Banner making prices:

Banner size (in pixels)


Banner type


Recommended value (kb)


Banner making price (euro)


 Our requirements for flash-banners

Version of the flash-banner: preferably 5 or 6.

So that the ADVBroker router banner transitions could be considered, the transition should be executed on a special link with the broker and not directly to the advertised site. To do this you must add a special code in the banner. As a rule the following should give the people who make the banner.

The code transition when you click must look like this:
on (release) {
getURL ("http://tophotels.ru/", "_blank");

It is necessary instead of a direct address to substitute the value permennoy _root.link_url
ie should be able to:
on (release) {
getURL (_root.link_url, "_blank");

WARNING It is important to not fall into the _root.link_url quotes
on (release) {
getURL ("_root.link_url", "_blank");
If the banner contains several references, and should take into account the transitions from each of these links, you must install a special code for each link separately c indicating the reference number, for example:

on (release) {
getURL (_root.link_url1, "_blank");
on (release) {
getURL (_root.link_url2, "_blank");
in this case will not work.

Banner will not cause a high CPU load the user's computer.

To test the level of CPU flash-banners use a dedicated computer (Intel Celeron M 1600 MHz, 1024 MB RAM) c running Windows XP. The computer is configured in a standard way to work in the office.

Testing the CPU by using the standard Task Manager when viewed in a browser, a special page containing only a test banner. Other software is not running.

With this test banner should not consume more than 50% of CPU resources according to the Performance tab in Task Manager (UpdateSpeed ​​is set to High).

It is believed that the banner takes too much resources, if the load of more than 50% of the CPU occurs during a significant time (shares / units of seconds) or the maximum CPU utilization at the peak of more than 70%.